Time to Lighten Up

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Summerweight Serums: Procollagen, Radiance, & Hydration

Sorry, not sorry - there is no room in my life for a 20-step skincare routine.  Not lazy, I habitually employ skin actives at full throttle, more jackhammer than spoon. Originally formulated for clients with a strong preference for a lighter sensory feel to skincare, my new serum series helped me to lighten up throughout the toughest year of my life.

Skin’s Sexual Bias

Skin: Men versus Women


When it comes to our skin, there is no gender equality beyond puberty.  Hormones initiate both structural and chemical dissimilarities, according to sex. Men tend to have thicker skin with more pores and a higher sebum output.  Yes, men possess a hefty advantage in staving off the “visible signs of aging”.  Having conscripted my husband as a relunctant test subject for more than a decade, I confess to more than a little envy in how quickly his skin improves.

It also helps to explain men’s predilection to skincare with weightless texture and sensory feel. Think fast absorbing with significant slip, rather than heavy or tacky.  Although most men fully embrace glow, they steadfastly abhor shine.  In the words of a male client, “I could use a mattifying primer or face powder, but really don’t want to.”

Lighter Touch

Skincare Thickeners


Inspired by the men in my life, male clients and younger women’s skin needs, I began to formulate multi-functional serums that target common skin concerns – procollagen, pores/smoothness, and plumping/hydration.  Dialing down on oils, thickeners and polymers, each summer-weight serum is effective alone, but can also be combined or mixed with other skincare, due to the heavy lifting of the skin actives.   

Thickeners do not improve performance, it just makes skincare thicker. 

Thanks, Guys!

In Memory of Paschal Bequette


Originally created for other people’s skin, my new serums were a great gift to me over the past year.   Entrenched as a caregiver for my father, I discovered the advantages afforded by a lighter touch.  Inspired by men’s skin and delayed by the first man in my life, the serums were exactly what my skin and lifestyle needed.  Despite my dad’s recent passing, he was an active participant throughout the testing phases and helped me to perfect the new serums.

In memory of Dad and all the other men in my life, I thank you. 

Cheers to Better Skin!

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    yass, werk that tea. my ladyboy mug isn’t out-the-bag. props to your dad and thanks for the realness.

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