Retinol not working for you?

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Why retinol isn't working for you?


Most dermatologists agree that the use of retinol yields smoother, tighter, and a more even toned skin – the gold standard for more than 60 years.   

So, why then is your retinol skincare not working? 

In all likelihood, it contains too little retinol for any visible improvements. Even worse, it may be altogether useless due to degradation, while waiting in a warehouse or store. 

For the results, stick to retinol skincare with clearly marked concentrations and made in small batches for the most active ingredients.


what you need to know before buying retinol?

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  • Michelle Bequette on

    Thank you, Caithlynn. Comments are moderated to filter spam. Once reviewed, your comments will appear publicly, within 24 hours. Apologies for the confusion.

  • CaithlynnH on

    Luv yur blog. Nice to know what the ingredients do for my skin. Why is there a lag b4 my comments appear?

  • Michelle Bequette on

    Thank you, RiRi. Emailing you a discount code for a-boost!

  • RiRiLee on

    Best I can find without a prescription and buying aboost next. You were right cause my freckles are gone.

  • Yanna A on

    As an esthetician by trade, I can confirm that you nailed the rules. Retinol works, but only when active and in sufficient quantities.

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