I-resQ: Help for Puffy Eyes

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Help for puffy eyes


Puffy, swollen eyes became my new normal, thanks to an unseasonably warm PNW summer, hellish pollen counts, and my inability to lose the COVID 15.  Every morning I woke to puffy bags under each eye, resistant to a chilled spoon or tea bags. Sure, I could learn to live with it as part of the “natural gaining process”, but not if given an alternative. Our new I-resQ is specifically designed to help improve puffy eyes.

Puffy or Aging Eyes?

With age, the skin and muscles surrounding eyes can weaken and thin.  Transconjunctival fat pads that normally help to support the eyes begin to slip, creating a lovely, little pouch. Coupled with fluid retention and anything but up-lighting, darkness and shadows accentuate undeniable eye bags. Only surgical intervention can reposition or remove the fat pads, but skincare can help to tighten the skin and/or diminish puffiness.


Swelling occurs when fluids accumulate in the tissues surrounding the eyes, also known as edema. Because the skin is extremely thin near the eyes, puffiness and discoloration are more prominent. Often multiple factors contribute to eye puffiness, including:

  • Crying
  • Heredity
  • Allergies/Sinus Issues
  • Excessive Salt/Alcohol Intake
  • Aging
  • Fatigue/Lack of Sleep
  • Lack of Exercise/Inactivity
  • Dehydration
  • Hormones

When edema occurs in additional areas of the body or combined with other symptoms, it’s worth consulting your physician.  They can help to rule out possible medical conditions that can cause periorbital edema, like hyperthyroidism, eye infections, Lupus, Diabetic Retinopathy or Graves’ disease.

Need a Separate Eye Treatment?

Yes, and no. A separate treatment is unnecessary when skincare is formulated specifically for the sensitive eye area and to address distinct skin concerns.  When it comes to depuffing the eyes, many trusted skincare ingredients only worsen the problem. Glycerin, aloe, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, and plant oils all help to improve moisture retention, accentuating any eye bags. Although I stand by my previous post, I found myself needing separate treatment to diminish puffing which resulted in my developing I-resQ.

Does I-resQ Work?    

Eye Serum for Puffy Eyes


Review the results and judge for yourself. 

Without changes to lifestyle or skin treatments, my undereyes improved with the first application of I-resQ, continued to diminish throughout the 30-day test phase.

No cosmetics, makeup or concealer were used in the photos.

I-resQ for Puffy eyes


To my absolute delight, it minimizes my jowls and any skin roughness, likely due to anti-glycation and anti-inflammatory  properties.

Perfect for most skin types, but strongly suggest using our skincare quiz to determine if it's right for your skin. 


I-resQ helps to depuff, repair and strengthen the skin with:

  • Eyeseryl®: Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, a tretrapeptide by Lipotec with anti-edema and anti-glycation properties shown to reduce puffiness in as little as 15 days.
  • GABA (Aminobutyric Acid): A non-protein amino acid, already present in the human body, known to accelerate barrier repair by 140% and improve elasticity by 2-fold.
  • Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna): A powerful antioxidant shown to increase microcirculation and sebum production, especially within menopausal skin.
  • Genistein: A soy isoflavone, phytoestrogen, and potent antioxidant increases collagen type I and III production.
  • Rhamnose: A polysaccharide and prebiotic protects collagen type I and IV by reducing aging byproducts, or Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) while diminishing inflammation.

Whether troubled by puffy eyes, need help with barrier repair or looking for nourishing serum, I-resQ is well worth a try. Anyone pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or breast-feeding, should consult with their Healthcare Professional prior to using phytoestrogens like genistein, orally or topically.  The same is true for anyone under-going or has undergone Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

As always, feel free to share your comments for contact me directly with any questions.  

Cheers to Better Skin!


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