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There was a time when posting a photo of myself without makeup would have been MORTIFYING.  That was long before I learned the benefits of skin care.  Healthy skin provides a superior canvas for the art of makeup, something that I have loved since childhood.  No surprise, my obsession with cosmetics and skincare led me down the path towards my becoming an esthetician.

Dry, mottled, flakey skin is no one's friend.  It also requires more makeup and finesse applying it.   My dear sweet friends under thirty, you probably can't appreciate this yet, but you will, trust me.  I neglected my skin and slept in makeup for decades.  My wake-up call stared back at me in the mirror, young, supple skin is fleeting.  So began my mission to find the best, most beneficial skin care available.  After years of searching, exponential costs, and high-end brand-hopping, my quest for the perfect product seemed an impossibility.  This was where my good friend Michelle reminded me that QUALITY trumps cost.  Expensive does NOT equal quality, of course.  I’d succumbed to the mindset that if it costs more, it MUST be better.  When it comes to skin care, INGREDIENTS are what makes the product, not the price.

Since trying afe products that Michelle mixes to order, with the highest quality ingredients, I've been hooked.  Why?  Check out my before and after shots, using nia-cleanse, redew serum, illumin8 sleeping mask, and aqua dose, after 24 hours!!  Michelle also had amazing results by only adding the redew serum to her beauty routine!

24-Hour Difference - about-face essentials

Real Results - redew serum

Healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight, but great skincare can make immediate improvements.  The vegan ingredients are the absolute best products available for your skin and legitimately affordable.  As an esthetician and a client, I can promise that is the best thing you will ever do for your skin!  But don't take my word, try it for yourself.  Until next time!


Brittany Fitzhugh, about-face essentials

Brittany Fitzhugh

CA State Licensed Esthetician

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