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Michelle and I have been friends for more than 14 years, spending many a lunch hour and Saturday afternoon at the local makeup counter evaluating the potential of the latest skincare. Drawn by the promises to soothe, treat, tighten, brighten, glow, and well make us our morning coffee, if we believed everything promised with the launch of a new product. More often than not, I bought the marketing hype, leaving happily with my pastel bag of dreams in hand. When Michelle developed her own skincare line and asked me for feedback, I was more than willing.

As the first and most diligent tester for about-face essentials, I have tried every version of every product, each free of parabens, silicones, sulfates, alcohols, animal by-products/testing, dyes and fragrances. Some products I like, while others I adore. Within days of testing the new serum with phytoestrogens, CoQ10, and Probiotics, it has risen to my new and ultimate favorite. My skin looks and feels better with redew, and it is simple to use!

Like any serum, I apply a few drops to the back of the hand and use my fingertips to press the serum onto the face and neck. This trick keeps your hands looking as youthful as your face – as opposed to youthful palms. By the second day of applying twice daily, the redness on my cheeks had subdued. At the close of week one, my skin felt so much smoother - gone was the flaky winter skin that I attributed to my snow hat. Encouraged by the benefits by week two, I began using it on my elbows and seriously considering using it on my heels. 

Any lingering skepticism vanished, when I posted the photo snapped by my husband of our 4 1/2 year old Golden Retriever Ginger and I chatting last week. When my skin gets more compliments than Ginger, I know that something extraordinary is happening! One friend teased that whatever I was doing, it should be bottled.  Well it just so happens that it is - about-face essentials redew. I am admittedly picky about my skincare, but when others notice the improvements, it’s a keeper. 

It is a great time to try redew - with introductory pricing at 30% off, free shipping, and 30-day money back guarantee - you too, can get more likes than your puppy photos. Just use discount code redew30 at checkout*, good through March 31, 2018. Take it from this skincare critic, your skin will thank you.


*Excludes any additional discounts.

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  • Michelle Bequette on

    I SO appreciate your encouragement, support, friendship, and honest feedback, Tina. On behalf of about-face essentials and our clients, I would like to thank you for enabling critical product improvements and “better skin”.

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