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Covet aqua-dose and now I understand why. :-) Didn’t think it possible, but the new formula is a game-changer for my eyes. - GitMoxie, AFE Blog, 04/01/21.

love noscrubs, but love the compliments on my skin more. since swapping to hemp oil, my blackheads have disappeared. - Abigayil C. (no-scrubs with Hemp Seed Oil Subsitution), AFE Blog, 03/22/21.

fewer breakouts and blackheads with the cleansing oil. great for removing heavy stage makeup or sunblock and never burns my eyes. never change it.Zander L., AFE Blog, 01/07/21.

happy af with reform. you were 100, don’t need my eye serum. buying c serum next flex day. your legit!Kellee M., AFE Blog, 12/18/20.

Best (a-restore) I can find without a prescription and buying aboost next. You were right cause my freckles are gone. – RiRi L., AFE Blog, 11/30/20.

ADORE rePhorm with my clarisonic and the massaging attachment! My skin looks and feels better!Lillie B., AFE Blog, 07/31/20.

Outperforms my old retinol oil and less than half the price. Your pin cracks me up cause retinol complex has become code for contains no retinol! Thanks for suggesting aboost. – Wren B., AFE Blog, 06/17/20.

Digging my ctherapy glow. Thanks for the free hand sanitizer. The essential oil reminds me when my hands approach my face. Jiggy B., AFE Blog, 06/07/20.

Love, love, love my a-restore! Thank you for the free hand sanitizer and the C serum sample.Riley S., AFE Blog, 05/19/20.

love ctherapy! thanks for keeping it clean! - Luna M., AFE Blog, 03/08/20.

Will keep coming back for more Rephyll! Props Michelle, for keeping it real. – Nance P., AFE Blog, 02/22/20.

Tried lots of retinol products, but always return to a-restore. The lotion like consistency absorbs quickly with no perfume or dimethicone. Most nights I use it alone, but occasionally top it with face oil for extra bouncy skin. Love that it smells like skincare rather than perfume, spells out the exact retinol strength, and works! Usually get my order within days and never pay for shipping. Love it! - AnnMarine, MakeupAlley, 11/1/19.

tried them all, yours is the best small batch c serum. I never buy vitamin c that has sat on a retail shelf. - Tati J., AFE Blog, 07/22/19.

Nice to learn why c+therapy works for my skin. Never need to follow with a moisturizer like most serums. Never change it please?Ashlee B., AFE Blog, 05/28/19.

Girl, your a-boost changed my life!Sabine B., Blog AFE Blog, 11/30/18.

Considering how much time I spend in LA, I’m obsessed with resQoil! Mishy, thank you!Sabine B., AFE Blog, 11/30/18.

Favorite beard oil, lip treatment and anti-pollution skin care. Love the resqoil. – Luka M., AFE Blog, 11/19/19.

I have been an avid skincare junkie since my teens; back in the day, my mother explained her regimen to me when she made a Clinique purchase at a local department store. In the years since, I have used dozens of high end retail and online boutique brands. I have used domestic, imported, anti-aging, hydrating, clarifying, resurfacing, pore reducing, blah blah blah products for my entire adult life. One thing, until recently, that perplexed me was that, as a man, products marketed for women may not be as effective as they could be if I used products formulated for a man’s skin. So...I started trying all of the men’s skincare lines that popped up over the last several years. Other than interesting packaging, I found that the men’s products were no more effective, and many of them left my skin greasy, or dry, or even worse they just felt like they remained on the surface of my skin without being absorbed effectively. Thankfully, I have known Michelle for years and had a long discussion with her about whether or not she thought her About-Face Essentials skincare products could help me; at 52 (ugh), I need some industrial strength help! She made recommendations and explained, IN DETAIL, how so many of the products I have used in the past do not have the adequate amount of strength or, in some case, formulations of active ingredients, to be effective. I loaded up on a variety of products that included C+Therapy, A-Restor, A-Boost, C-Boost, Lifting Potion, No-Scrubs, and ResQcleanse (see, I’m obsessed). Within a few days, one of my problem areas - blackheads around my temples - began to shrink. Upon continued use, I saw clear results in the evenness of my skin tone and fine lines around my eyes were visibly diminished. After about 8 weeks, my facial skin was “fit” in a way that I, sadly, wish the rest of my body could follow. I highly recommend About-Face Essentials and the wonderful assistance that was provided to make the correct product choices for MY type of skin. Rick T., AFE Facebook, 11/19/18.

I tried these products a while back, and they smelled pretty nice and they didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and they lasted a while too. I definitely recommend. - Mackenzie B, AFE Facebook, 11/12/18.

Product Review – Functional analysis of a-boosta-restorec+therapyredew, and no-scrubs. - str8skin, INCIdecoder, 11/10/18.

this (resQoil) helps keep my skin smooth and younger looking  - Pat B., AFE Blog, 11/02/18..

I found broccoli a very good detoxifier. It has helped to remove toxins from my body, I have also experienced relief for my painful arthritis eczema rash. I would definitely recommend… (firming potion) - Niv, AFE Blog, 10/22/18.

What an informative article! I had no idea how risky it was using skincare containing parabens. Quite honestly, I never even thought to question the ingredients in skincare. I would just use whatever product my dermatologist recommended. If it improved my skin, I would just continue to use it. If it had a negative effect on my skin, I would try something else. About-face works beautifully on my skin. The nia-cleanse is refreshing and thorough. The combination of redew and revive leave my skin feeling moisturized without any of the heaviness of other products I’ve tried throughout the years. Best of all, it is so easy! Thanks, about-face! - Angela, AFE Blog, 10/07/18.

I've spent my whole life struggling with skin care products. Most dry out my skin, which then over compensates by getting oily again. About Face Essentials is gentle and balanced, leaves my face feeling hydrated and fresh. I love the way my skin feels in the mornings, and I don't have to reapply makeup at midday to counteract the T-zone oils.  Can skin care products be the perfect date? If so, About Face Essentials is my first choice!  Tres A., AFE Facebook, 03/17/18.

 Pretty Little Likes in a Bottle, Review of redew – 03/03/18.

No Filters Required, Esthetician’s Review with Real Results of nia-cleanse, redew, illumin8, & aqua dose -  02/18/18.

Long-time fan of lactic acid treatments as the kinder AHA. I purchased the no-scrubs treatment due to it's similarity to another wildly popular lactic acid treatment, but without the dimethicone, and have come to prefer it. The consistency is somewhere between a gel and a lotion, which makes application easier to control. Used once a week as a wash-off treatment for 10 minutes, helps to remove any surface flakes on my face and neck without the slightest sensitivities. At night, I use it as a leave-on treatment for hands and feet. It's helped to cut my mani/pedi time by half! – KatSomm, MakeupAlley, 03/3/18.

Redew is amazing -this serum as all of the product line from about-face essentials is completely free of parabens, silicones, sulfates, alcohols, animal by-products/testing, dyes and fragrances. Like any serum, I applied a few drops to the back of the hand and used my fingertips to press the serum onto my face and neck. This trick keeps my hands looking as youthful as your face – as opposed to youthful palms. By the second day of applying twice daily, the redness on my cheeks had subdued. At the close of week one, my skin felt so much smoother - gone was the flaky winter skin that I attributed to the constant donning of my snow hat. Encouraged by the benefits by week two, I began using it on my elbows and seriously considering using it on my heels. This is a definite must buy. – TinaPeps, MakeupAlley, 03/03/18.

Received a generous sample of the new redew serum with my last purchase. Though pleased the skincare thus far, I admit to not being overly excited about another serum. This is, until I tried it and woke to smoother and softer skin after a single use. The consistency is more gel than liquid, but is absorbed completely in less than 5 minutes. My tired skin immediately feels more hydrated, but the real magic happens the next day with a glow that I haven't experienced in decades. My neighbor discretely inquired if I had "a little work done"! Not yet, but I did ordered two bottles of redew the same day. – KatSomm, MakeupAlley, 03/03/18.

Product Review – revive  is a 47% match with ingredients found in iS Clinical Youth Serum at 73% savings. -, 03/03/18.

WOW - A retinol product that is fragrance free! I adore this cream as I don't need to add an additional eye cream or moisturizer! I'm in my "ahem" 50's and need a bit of retinol and the about-face essentials A Boost is just the cream for me. I will definitely be buying another bottle when this one runs out. Which honestly won't be soon as just a couple of drops go a long way. – TinaPeps, MakeupAlley, 02/16/18.

Product Review – no-scrubs is a 50% match with ingredients found in Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment at 85% savings. -, 02/07/18.

Love this product which lets me add retinol to any skincare and control the dosage! Returning to retinol recently, it lets dial back when I need to and scale up for less sensitive areas. Just add 1 drop to my moisturizer for my chin, 2 for my nose, and 3 for my forehead, with one product! After my skin reconditions to retinol, it can also be applied as a facial oil. Blown away and it's vegan with no parabens! Love! - SabbyMac84, MakeupAlley, 11/20/17.

OMG, love arestore! When I gave up red meat, I learned that most retinols are sourced from animal liver and stopped cold turkey!  Years of searching for an alternative and wow-less betacarotenes, my neighbor turned me onto arestore, a vegan retinol. Light, nongreasy, and vegan with no parabens or dimethicone. I never miss red meat, but have totally missed retinol. I'm in heaven. - SabbyMac84, MakeupAlley, 11/20/17.

I use this every day and love it. I have oily skin and rather large pores. I put this on before applying my makeup and my makeup seems to go on smoother and my pores seem smaller. I also use this company's soap for my face and have become totally spoiled, it doesn't burn my eyes. I use it all over my face including my eyes to remove my waterproof mascara (does a great job) unfortunately I forgot to bring it with me on an overnight trip recently and had to use something else. I opened my eyes to get water to rinse forgetting this wasn't my soap and I thought I was going to die. Love love love these products, so glad I found them! – Nickyonthego, MakeupAlley, 11/04/17.

As a former sun-worshipper with a tendency to lax on sunscreen resulting in melasma on my forehead, I have long relied on the benefits of professional C-serums. The texture of this treatment is a bit thicker than a serum, more like a lotion. Unlike other serums, it doesn't irritate my eyes or produce dry patches with daily use. Despite the absence of perfume, the scent has a refreshing floral hint. A souvenir from Cabo, my brown spots vanished within a month! The glass bottle gives some cause for concern due to my proclivity to clumsiness. A welcome surprise, so much so that I will be trying other products. Who knew? My esthetician, that's who. – KatSomm, MakeupAlley, 11/03/17.

After years of using the same medical-grade retinol 0.5, skin improvements plateaued. My pores were growing increasingly larger, despite my dry skin. My esthetician recommended that I switch to a retinol treatment without mineral oil or silicone. To my amazement, it worked! The consistency is more serum than cream, so it absorbs quickly. After a week, my pores seem less prominent, skin is smoother, and my costs are significantly lower. The later pleases my husband a great deal. – KatSomm, MakeupAlley, 10/29/17.

Despite my not being a "skin junkie", these products have made a huge improvement withe my skin! I love the cleansers because they never irritate my eyes. No more crying when I remove my mascara! - Nicole B, Renton, WA, 10/21/17.

I love these products! They are all natural so there's no harsh chemicals. I've tried different products before that usually leave my skin irritated. These are so soothing, and my skin looks great. The cure-all elixir smells good! I also mainly use the foaming cleanser and the H20 moisturizer. I definitely trust this skin-care line because they are transparent with their ingredients. - Andrea L, Miami, FL, 10/19/17.

I'm a licensed esthetician so I'm really picky about what I put on my face. I use this entire skin care line. Michelle has truly put her heart and soul into making these amazing, high quality products. And BONUS, they're super affordable! - Brittany F, Cottonwood, CA, 10/18/17.

Product Review - firming potion is a 29% match with ingredients found in Zirh PM Rescue at 75% savings. -, 08/10/17.

Product Review - lifting potion is a 50% match with ingredients found in philosophy Take a Deep Breath Oxygen Infused Eye Gel at less than half the price. -, 06/20/17.

Product Review and Demo Video - cleansing oil, lifting potion & firming potion. - Brittany F, Cottonwood, CA, 05/30/17

Product Review Video - c+therapy - Brittany F, Cottonwood, CA, 05/30/17.

I've been using these products for a few months. I've noticed a few dark spots getting lighter. The scent of all the products has not affected my allergies at all. A very soft scent. The one thing I've noticed that I don't have to use much at all. Everything lasts for a long definitely get your monies worth and more. I have sensitive skin and it hasn't bothered me. I kind of felt the vitamin C the first night I used it but nothing after that. I'd recommend it to anyone. I've tried cheap products, expensive products. These products are the best so far. - Baylee D, Buckley, WA, 04/22/17.

Product Review - cure-all (elixir) is a 44% match with ingredients found in Strivectin Dermal Infusion Mask at less than half the price. -, 03/30/17.

My favorite product is the cure all elixir. It really provides a smoothing experience and tames the redness. - Tina P, Ronald, WA, 01/12/17.

I started using About-Face Essentials a few months ago. Love the daily cleanser. It is very gentle, yet really great for cleansing my skin and removing makeup. It doesn't foam up like other products. I'm sure it's because it a more natural product ( which I appreciate) but it really does a great job! I also love the Cure-all Elixer. I use this every night and my skin feels amazing. I use the Firming Potion daily before applying my makeup. I am really pleased about how my skin looks since I've been using these products. I have sensitive skin with dryness and aging concerns and I'm really pleased with the firming and hydrating benefits of these products! Will be purchasing again! - Nikki W, Portland, OR, 01/12/17.

I've been using about-face essentials for over a year and my skin looks more youthful and lovely than it has in decades. I have very sensitive skin and have to careful of all perfumes, dye and extra ingredients. This product line has made my skin just glow and reduced all manner of redness. Could not be more pleased. - Tina P, Ronald, WA, 01/11/17.