Why Small Batch Skincare?

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What is Small-Batch Skincare?

Small-Batch Skincare Difference?


Prizing quality above mass production, small batch skincare brands formulate and package products in smaller quantities. Whether craving freshness or uniqueness from whiskeys to artisanal foods, the obsession with anything “small batch” is easy to understand.  With the single-minded pursuit of “better skin”, it’s fundamental to about-face essentials. Why?


  1. Freshness Enhances Performance. Ingredients, both synthetic and natural, breakdown with time.  It begins pre-formulation and continues while your skincare waits in a warehouse or store shelf for purchase. Not tainted per se, the ingredients lose potency, none more so than active ingredients.  With products made to order, about-face essentials ensures the best possible results by getting the freshest ingredients on the skin. Ensuring optimal potency, our “best use by” dates never exceed six months.
  2. Valuing Skin Health over Extended Shelf Life. Most skincare brands formulate for a long shelf life, with super-charged preservative and stability systems. Preservatives in higher levels, along with stabilizers and fillers, may trigger skin sensitivities.  At best, they do next to nothing for the skin.   Why use preservatives at all?  Preservatives are 100% necessary in preventing mold, bacterial, fungal and microbial growth from creating additional skin issues.  Skin health guides our formulation along with ingredient and preservative selection. 
  3. Superior Quality Control & Sustainable Sourcing. Conscious of global quality variances, humanitarian issues, and environmental concerns, handcrafted products aid in responsible vendor selection for ingredients, packaging and even labels.   Like other small batch beauty brands, about-face essentials strongly prefers local ingredients with stringent quality standards and local industries in support of other small businesses.  We control the manufacturing, and therefore the quality.
  4. Vegan (Both Natural & Synthetic) Without Silicones, Parabens, Dyes, or Perfumes. Differentiating all small batch brands are their niche interest and about-face essentials is no exception. Driven by clinical data and performance, our products are vegan (both natural and synthetic), and free of silicones, parabens, dyes, or perfumes.  Why not all natural?  Chemically identical to natural, synthetic ingredients deliver the same results and offer greater sustainability – better for the environment.
  5. Convenient & Effective Alternative to DIY. For anyone lacking the time or inclination to create daily skincare, small batch may be just the solution.  Many DIY recipes like honey mask or coconut oil moisturizer, are harmless but mostly ineffective.  If not, consumers would stop fueling the $12 Billion US skincare industry.

Skincare: Small Batch VS StandardThe key to “better skin” is maintaining long-term skin health for all ages and skin conditions.  Guided by science rather than trends, any ingredient found in an about-face essentials product must deliver a direct skin benefit.

Small batch formulation and packaging help us to ensure you get the most from your skincare. 


Why small batch skincare?Select your skincare with same scrutiny as you would your produce, because peak freshness equates to peak performance. Small batch is worth it cause skincare should work every single time. If you’re looking for something other than short-term skin improvements, then about-face essentials may be your perfect fit. 

Cheers to Better Skin!


Small-Batch Skincare

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