Antioxidants: Insurance for Your Skin

 Antioxidant Skincare: Protect versus Repair

Even the most health obsessed have made a few happy rather than healthy choices – too much sun, sugar, fried foods, and alcohol with too little sleep or exercise.  Although not immediately evident, the resulting free radical damage can accelerate the appearance of aging. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals much like skin insurance and vital to better skin for all ages.

What is a Free Radical?

Free radicals are an inescapable part of life – eating breathing, taking medication, or being outdoors. In fact, they actually contribute to immune system by attacking foreign invaders.  Like any good thing that becomes imbalanced, they can cause problems.  

Formerly oxygen, a free radical a single atom with unpaired electrons. Compelled to live in pairs, the atom will scavenge the body in search of an electron to steal, forming a new free radical. When left unchecked, this domino effect can damage, mutate or kill the affected cells.


Breaking the Chain with Antioxidants

Hungry free radicals will steal electrons indiscriminately, damaging proteins like collagen and elastin, epidermal lipids, mitochondria, or even DNA.  The accumulation of damage speeds skin aging resulting in laxity, wrinkles, inflammation, or discoloration. 
With electrons to spare, antioxidants can donate an electron without destabilization – chain broken, free radical neutralized, and damage minimized.  Aside from eating an antioxidant-rich diet and oral supplements, ensuring that your skincare includes adequate antioxidants is a safe bet for all ages.  


What is a Girl to Do?

Antioxidant SkincareMinimizing your exposure to triggers is your first and best line of defense – sun, pollution, stress, illness, heavy metals, alcohol, sugar, high fat foods, hormones, and so many more. For those of us unprepared to join a monastery in Alaska with complexion concerns, it is especially important to limit free radical damage with increased antioxidants – diet, oral supplements and skincare routine.  

Overwhelmingly underrated, antioxidants play a large role in obtaining better skin.  In every about-face essentials treatment there are no less than three antioxidants, and cleansers provide no less than two, each with distinct complexion-enhancing benefits. Consider the following products according to the corresponding benefits:

As always, feel free to share your comments or contact me directly with any questions.  

Cheers to better skin!

 Superstar Antioxidants: Skin Benefits

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