Topical Vitamin C: Which is Best for Your Skin?

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Which type of vitamin c is best for your skin?

Nearly everyone using skincare understands the benefits of topical Vitamin C -- wrinkle repair, brightening, exfoliation, and so much more.  As with skincare, all Vitamin C’s are not created equal.  Aside from Ascorbic Acid, there are 11 other C-derivatives, each differing in characteristics, INCI name, price, skin benefits, and scientific corroboration. 

Finding the right Vitamin C?A new derivative seems to pop-up every few months. To avoid any disappointments with performance, it's best to shop using the INCI name found on the ingredient label and ignore the A, B, C's - look for Ascorbic Acid instead of Vitamin C.  Although variations may legitimately qualify as Vitamin C, each provides distinctly different capabilities and skin benefits. 















So, which is best for your skin?

When considering Vitamin C skincare, look for the form that best suits the unique needs of your skin, as well as your budget.  Shopping is made easier, with a side-by-side comparison of the most common forms of Vitamin C available in skincare: 

Which Vitamin C is best for skin?

Ascorbic AcidTHDA, and Ascorbyl Palmitate merited inclusion in about-face essentials skincare due to their multi-purpose skin benefits and clinical efficacy data.  Decide for yourself, but choose a Vitamin C enriched skincare.  

Which Vitamin C Skincare is best for your skin?

Additional information on topical Vitamin C and derivatives are available at the links below:


As always, feel free to share your comments or contact me directly with any questions.  

Cheers to better skin!

Vitamin C Derivatives?

which vitamin c is best my my skin?

Which Vitamin C is best for my skin?

Oil soluble forms of Vitamin C?

Choosing the right vitamin c for your skin


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    @AmberW:Thank you for your feedback. Fresh ingredients and science deserve all the credit. :-)

  • AmberW on

    skin is less oily and more hydrated. c-lite is skin wizardry!


    @Nonee82: Thank you for your feedback and your order, Nayomi. Should receive your package by Wed. or Thu., with samples of our new eye serum. :-)

  • Nonee82 on

    OBSESSED with c-dose! thanks for the generous samples and discount. THRILLED to find a ascorbic acid serum that isn’t too drying or sticky.

  • Michelle Bequette on

    Thanks for asking, Pai! Ascorbyl Glucoside, a stable Vitamin C derivative, does a good job of brightening the skin. It is a great option for anyone with skin sensitivities, as the pH closely matches SAP.

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