Skincare Hacks for the Holidays

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Skincare Tips for the Holidays

If your Holidays are anything like mine, it’s a marathon of celebrations and self-indulgence, amid epic hustle and bustle. Terrific for the soul, however all that merry-making takes heavy a toll on your skin.  Enjoy your festivities, but consider tweaking your daily routine to enhance your ho-ho-ho-glow. Whether traveling or staying close to home for the holidays, there are a few skincare tips that will help you to “slay” throughout the season.  

Sugar - Not-So-Sweet

What does eating sugar do to your skin?

Year-round, sugar intake negatively affects our complexion.  It accelerates glycation and free radical damage making skin less firm, smooth and plump.

Anyone that can enjoy the Holidays without the sugary treats or any sense of deprivation fills me with wonderment – a true miracle.  


For me, it is just not possible, so mitigation is the next best thing.  Offset that holiday sugar cookie with skincare packed with antioxidants and an antiglycation peptide, like Matrixyl 3000.

Alcohol - Hangover Skin

What does alcohol do to your skin?

Alcohol intake affects our skin in a number ways – none pretty.  A diuretic, it dehydrates our skin triggering inflammation, dullness or breakouts.  If your holidays are likely to include an adult beverage, drink in moderation and consider a glass of red wine, which is loaded with polyphenols. 



For the best holiday selfies, protect your skin with skincare rich in antioxidants and soothing ingredients, such as aloe, broccoli oil, MSM, red clover, soy, turmeric, or white willow.   Skip any exfoliation for 3-5 days, allowing the skin’s barrier function to recover.

Air Travel - Desert Humidity

What does air travel do to your skin?

Tickets purchased, bags packed, and expect to land with your typically radiant complexion? Your skin may need extra help.

The average humidity of airplane cabin air is less than half of what you skin needs and wants – a recipe for dry, flaking, dull skin.  Before any air travel, consider layering skincare lush in hyaluronic acid or aloe with an antioxidant facial oil. 

Yes, even if you have oily skin, to avoid triggering overactive oil production.  Skip the on-board facial mist, as the rapid evaporation will only make your skin dryer.

Sunscreen - Skin Gift

Should you use sunscreen during air travel?

Snow days, cloudy days, and rainy days, sunscreen is the single best protection for your skin.  Not only does it slow the damaging effects of the sun, but exponentially reduces the risk of developing skin cancer.

For those you boarding that plane, it is even more crucial because UV light and radiation intensifies at higher altitudes. 


Can’t book your travel or repay your slept debt, but I can help to ensure that your skin looks its best.

May your holidays be filled with love, laughter and heaps of good tidings.  

Cheers to better skin!

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