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"How Hard Did Aging Hit You" Challenge


The “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” Challenge is making the rounds on Facebook. Social media users post their initial profile photo with their most recent to illustrate the changes over time and invite their friends to do the same.  More at ease behind the camera, I gained some unexpected but welcome insight.   

Time has clearly changed my appearance in my before and after photos.  Like many of you, the previous decade brought great joy along with weighty challenges.  For me, namely a series of family health emergencies and launching my new startup. Exactly one and half years after my before photo, I gave up all other skincare in favor of my own formulations. 

The challenge reminded me to be celebrate the now and strive for progress rather than perfection.  A concept too seldom promoted in the beauty industry.  I hope that you will consider participating in the challenge and see the beauty that others see in you.

Cheers to Better Skin!

"How Hard Did Aging Hit You" Challenge

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