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Free Hand Sanitizer with Purchases Greater than $25


<With sanitizers readily available for purchase, AFE is no longer making hand sanitizer.>


Lyrics of the late John Lennon come to mind, these are “strange days, indeed”.  It looks like we are "all in this together” for a bit longer.  Not going to pretend to know how or when we will come out of this, but I am 100% confident that we will.  

Hygienic Containers: Skincare and CosmeticsMeanwhile, I would like to highlight our safety measures, established long before COVID-19 appeared on our radar.  As always, wellness is paramount, for our customers, employees, suppliers, delivery partners, and fulfillment team. From the beginning, AFE formulates our products in the USA with only responsibly sourced ingredients, utilizing:   

  • Hygienic containers – glass, opaque, and no-fingers-in,
  • Disposable gloves, hairnets and protective clothing,
  • Daily disinfection of surfaces, containers, and tools, and;
  • HEPA filter air purification.

AFE continues our direct-to-consumer sales, while adhering and adapting to up-to-the-minute official guidance. Flexibility seems to be the new norm.  With the shortage of hand sanitizer, I am formulating with ingredients not typically found in our products, like essential oils and alcohol.  Suddenly, it seems like to right thing to do. 

Hand washing or sanitizer?As a small token of appreciation, free hand sanitizer is available with any purchase greater than $25, while supplies last.  The delivery requires ground transportation, so shipping time requires 7-10 days.  Just leave a note at purchase, if you are interested the sanitizer or have any questions.

For more CDC guidance on hand washing and sanitizer, click the image to the left. 

Hang in there and feel free to contact me directly. 

Cheers to Better Skin!

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  • JiggyB on

    Digging my ctherapy glow. Thanks for the free hand sanitizer. The essential oil reminds me when my hands approach my face.

  • Michelle Bequette on

    My pleasure, Riley!

  • Riley on

    Love, love, love my a-restore! Thank you for the free hand sanitizer and the C serum sample.

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