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The question asked most frequently is the reason behind the absence of any eye creams.  Most about-face skincare products are an eye treatment, specifically formulated for sensitive eyes.   In spite of surgical-precision, cream intended for the face manages to migrate into the eyes.  Having miserably sensitive eyes, a good many, high-end face creams have brought me to tears – literally.  More commitment than innovation, about-face formulations make an eye cream 100% unnecessary.  Except for no-scrubs, a-boost, and c-boost, all afe products double as an eye treatment. Safe for the entire eye area, but avoiding direct contact with the eye -- on not in.   

Facial Treatment Doubles as Eye Treatment


 Inflammation = Youth Killer

Many of the top skincare companies avoid known irritants altogether.  Known eye irritants typically trigger an inflammatory effect within the skin, ranging from slight flushing to acute dermatitis worthy of visit to the Dermatologist.  Ingredients to add to your watch list for common irritants include:


Whether triggered by an irritant, too much sun, pollution, or allergens, the inflammatory response may cause more skin damage than the initial assault.  Activated within the healing process, our bodies create enzymes (Matrix Metallo Proteinases) which seek out and destroy the offending tissue, while degrading the surrounding collagen and elastin fibers that serve as the scaffolding of smooth, youthful skin. While new tissue emerges, the affected collagen and elastin fiber bundles remain fragmented and disorganized – much like trying to smooth out crumpled paper.  Outside of the healing process and beginning in our thirties, the same enzymes begin degrading collagen and elastin fibrils.  Aging is intrinsic, so no need to accelerate collagen degradation with inflammation.

Collagen Degradation

 No Eye Love?

Yes, loads of eye love and skincare for the eye area is vital!  Lacking oil glands and thinner by tenfold, the skin around our eyes requires extra attention to remain hydrated and looking smooth.  As the “windows to our soul” and strained with every blessed laugh, smile, frown, squint, or blink, our eyes telegraph our age.  Eyes reflect the first signs of aging, typically appearing in our early twenties with the formation of fine lines or crow’s feet. The inferior collagen matrix of the delicate skin surrounding our eyes is especially susceptible to inflammation and needs added protection – antioxidants, antioxidants, and more antioxidants.  Clinically supported capabilities and greater potency in combinations, antioxidants help to prevent, diminish and even reverse inflammation.  Powerful antioxidants include:



Why is Everybody Selling Eye Creams?

Largely, because consumers are buying.  Most eye treatments contain identical ingredients to their face treatment, at three times the cost!  One of my favorite cosmeceutical companies, which shall remain nameless, proves my point with a product similar to my Firming Potion. Both their heavenly, eye treatment and face cream contain identical active ingredients with nearly identical potencies.  Exclusive to the face cream are additional thickeners as well as fragrance, both of which offer no additional skin benefits. The mind-blowing difference is the price per ounce – the face cream sells for $107US and the eye cream sells for $369US!   A side-by-side comparison of your high-end face and eye cream will help to confirm the truth of this dirty, little secret.


More Eyes Sense

Incorporating the following into your eye care routine will ensure optimal results, regardless of your skincare of choice:

  1. Ever so gently, chemically exfoliate the eye area, weekly – no scrubbing.  Not only will this help to stimulate cell renewal, mitigates dryness, and softens fine lines, but will also boost efficacy of your eye treatment. Vitamin C or Niacinamide are hard to beat for mild exfoliation.
  2. Eye treatments are safe around the eye, not in it – avoid the lash line. Many eye treatments limit usage to the orbital bone, the boney ridge surrounding the eyes. Even if safe to use any closer, any product on your lashes is very likely to migrate into the eye.
  3. Always pat, softly – whether wiping a tear, removing makeup or applying an eye treatment. The damage of aggressive application (pulling, wiping, and stretching) can outweigh any benefit of any eye treatment.  If you find yourself tempted to “rub”, try using a little less product.


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